By Julie Boehlke, eHow Contributor


One of the first things that needs to be accomplished after a wedding announcement is to plan for the wedding.  For those on a budget, creativity needs to be enforced so that the wedding will look great and guest will be happy.  Planning a wedding on a tight budget means that bride and groom need to take every means possible to keep wedding costs down and under control.  When searching for the perfect perfect dress, locating one in that corner boutique or out of a bridal magazine may not be very cost-effective.  When in fact searching for the same or similar dress online at websites, such as eBay or Dress Swap Online, will allow the price to shave several if not hundreds of dollars off the retail price of the dress. Wearing a vintage heirloom dress that has been passed down through generations is also another consideration.  Vintage dresses are in right now and very popular on the fashion runways.


Flowers can be very pricey when it comes to the wedding. One way to cut corners is to mix and match live flowers with silk. Try choosing flowers for the weeding that are in season, this will cut costs by up to 50 percent. Tulips, lilies and hydrangeas are inexpensive spring flower choices and will allow the wedding dollar to stretch further. These flowers are also easy to find in craft stores. The silk variety can be implemented into flower arrangements on the aisle and the altar.


Food is one of the most expensive portions of the wedding. Almost every wedding should have a reception, where guests can gather and congratulate the bride and groom after the ceremony. One misconception is that a reception should be a four-course meal. Food from a warehouse food club, such as Sam's Club--food, can be heated or thawed and then served at the wedding reception. Preparing food instead of catering can costs by several hundred dollars. Visit local culinary school and inquire about its cake making class. Students from these classes are eager to design a wedding cake with the bride and groom's exact specifications--sometimes at supply costs only. The savings can be as much as $75 to $200.


Choosing a location for a budget wedding should be something that is taken into consideration in correlation with the time of the year. Spring and summer weddings can be very inexpensive if held outdoors. Many locations are low cost if not free to rent or use such as a public park, beach or someone's backyard. many weddings also offer reception combos--where both wedding and reception are held in one place. This can become a huge cost savings compared to have in the wedding and reception into different locations.


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