The Yesterday’s Bride Story

Once upon a time, a woman dreamed of starting an online wedding consignment marketplace.  She imagined excited brides buying fairy tale wedding dresses at real-world prices, or selling their gowns to pass on hope and love to other brides.  But the woman’s path took her in other directions and her dream fell by the wayside...

That woman was me, in 2014.  Newly-married and post-bridesmaid-duty, I had a wedding dress, veil, bridesmaid dress, and fancy shoes just sitting there in my closet.  Wondering what to do with them, I had the idea to start a bridal consignment website.  However, as women often find in these situations, life happened.  My husband and I moved into a new house, we had a couple of kids, I got a promotion at work... things got pretty hectic!

By 2019, I was ready to reignite my dream and take the steps to get Yesterday’s Bride up and running, and in 2020, I finally made it happen.  Hey, it’s important to follow your dreams, even if it takes 6 years to realize them!  Fast-forward to now and I'm connecting buyers and sellers of gently used wedding dresses, veils, shoes, and wedding party dresses.  Like a fairy godmother, I'm making brides’ wishes come true, whatever life chapter they’re about to begin.  That gives my story a happy ending – but the story of Yesterday’s Bride is just getting started.

Looking for your fantasy wedding dress?  Want to pay the love forward by selling your bridal gown?  Yesterday’s Bride is the place to be!  Discover how it works or shop now.


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