What Should I Do First When Planning My Wedding?

Your wedding is one of the most precious and memorable events of your life.  It is a lot of excitement and fun planning your wedding, but it can also be very stressful.  Some couples hire a professional to help them handle their wedding plans, but there are some who choose to take on the responsibility to plan their own wedding.  Maybe they are working on a tight budget or just love all the do-it-yourself options.  Whether you decide to go at it alone or hire a wedding planner, it is possible to plan a wedding of your dreams and keep the stress level down to a minimum.  Sometimes you have to know how to prioritize and decide what tasks should be accomplished first.

The key to having a smooth wedding planning process is to focus on a single task at a time so you don’t get tired or overwhelmed.  If you find your wedding planning checklist too overwhelming, here is a list of basic steps you need to take first to make sure your big day is a success.  We know there are many items to handle and plan, so focus on the following tasks first to make the rest of your wedding planning a much smoother process.

5 Ways Brides Can Save Money While Wedding Planning

Venue, bridal gown, flowers, music, food and drinks are only a few of the expenses associated with your wedding.  But no worries! We’ve identified 5 ways brides can save money on their weddings.

From wedding dresses to music, you will find wedding details to adjust, which can help you stay within your wedding budget and save you money.  Check out the list below...

Reasons Why Brides Should Buy and Sell Preowned Wedding Dresses Online

The estimated budget for weddings rival the overall cost of annual tuition at a prestigious college, around $28,000, in which the wedding gown is one of the biggest expenditures for the wedding.  According to the survey of The Bridal Association of America, a wedding gown costs around $1500, and that’s the average price. 

Have you ever considered if you could save money and still have a beautiful gown? If it’s possible, then why wouldn’t you get your preowned wedding dress from our online bridal consignment website? 

The majority of brides stick to their budgets and spend the equivalent of what was budgeted.  However, in some cases, brides may exceed their wedding dress budget which results in either having to cut costs in another area, or increase the overall wedding budget.  Either scenario is an opportunity to recoup some of the funds spent on the wedding dress.