It could be due to the one of the following reasons:

  • Images are unclear, blurry, distorted or pixelated.
  • Images do not clearly represent what is being listed for sale.
  • Images are too dark.
  • Listing is deemed to be from a shop seller as a means of business. Examples include, but not limited to: custom orders, wedding invitations, tablecloths, wedding favors, etc.
  • Listing is deemed to be counterfeit or image is deemed to not be the actual representation of the item.
  • Listing is of sleepwear, socks or undergarments.
  • Listing is not wedding related, such as large pieces of furniture, bachelorette costumes, kids’ toys, non-bridal fashion, disposable kitchen utensils and paper napkins.
  • We do not accept engagement and wedding ring listings.
  • Listings with collages, screenshots or other distracting elements over the item for sale.
  • Listing does not match our audience’s aesthetic. Examples include items that aren’t on demand or current such as wedding dresses that are older than 5 years with the exception of certain vintage styles (20+ years old).
  • Your listing does not comply with our Terms and Conditions.