5 Ways Brides Can Save Money While Wedding Planning

Venue, bridal gown, flowers, music, food and drinks are only a few of the expenses associated with your wedding.  But no worries! We’ve identified 5 ways brides can save money on their weddings.

From wedding dresses to music, you will find wedding details to adjust, which can help you stay within your wedding budget and save you money.  Check out the list below...

  1.  Don’t Get Pressured to Organize a Party

If you have a tight wedding budget, you don’t need to feel obligated to arrange additional events such as an engagement party or a bachelorette party.  Believe me, an old-school slumber occasion with your bride tribe and some beverages will be as much fun as a big party bash—and its less expensive.  Regarding the engagement party, you can have a few close friends and family over for an informal gathering.  You can ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine, while you supply a fruit and cheese tray.

  1. Try Skipping the Customized Invitations

Do you know most guests don’t even notice the silver ink and scalloped edges on an invitation, which cost you an extra $3 per print?  That’s why they also wouldn’t know if you made the wedding invitations yourself.

Instead of placing an order for custom made invitations, you should use an online invitation software. Their packages offer gorgeous and modern graphics and fonts, and they are quite easy to use.

  1. Buy Preowned Wedding Dresses and Accessories Online

One of the best ways to save money on weddings is to buy your wedding dress online at our bridal consignment website, Yesterday’s Bride (www.yesterdaysbride.com).  From beautiful preowned wedding dresses to unique jewelry pieces, you will find different wedding accessories and dresses at discounted prices.  We also have preowned bridal party dresses such as bridesmaid, flower girl, and mother of the bride dresses.  So your entire bridal party can search for dresses at a fraction of retail prices at Yesterday’s Bride.

  1. Cut to the Cake

Another way to maintain your wedding budget is to plan your cake cutting and tossing of the bouquet earlier in the night. Your wedding guests won’t notice that you have done this to allow your wedding photographer and videographer to leave early.  This will significantly reduce the per hour costs.

Additionally, when your professional photographers and videographers leave early, your guests will probably keep taking their own pictures and making mini videos.  It will be fun to view all the different photos and videos from your guests’ perspective.

  1. Make a Shorter Guest List

When it comes to a wedding, people usually make a longer guest list which consumes a lot of the wedding budget.  Remember, you have to feed all these people which can become very costly.  A shorter guest list could be easier on both your wedding budget as well as your sanity!

Even if it seems unrealistic, whittling your guest list down from 250 people to 150 people will definitely help you manage your budget.  Having a smaller guest list also allows you time to enjoy quality time with your guests.

Now that you know of some ways to save money on weddings, you have a good starting point to ensure that your wedding is cost effective and memorable.